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Let us share a piece of Ankara clothing with you

Let us share a piece of Ankara clothing with you-Kipfashion

Let us share a piece of Ankara clothing with you. For the benefit of those who do not have an idea about the origin and history of this fabric, Ankara is the name of the popular, patterned, cotton fabric extensively worn by Africans. Some call it Ankara print, Ankara wax, or simply ‘wax’ or ‘print’. Ankara is synonymous with ‘traditional wear’ in west Africa. African fabrics have evolved and are still evolving but the one thing that remains a constant is its undeniable beauty and appeal. African fabric has gone from just being worn on weekends to uniforms for churches, mosques, and Owanbe parties to being worn every day and for all types of occasions. Popular brands of this fabric include Vlisco Ankara waxUniwax, Ghana wax, English wax, Dutch wax, Nigerian wax, Woodin print, and a whole lot of other African print fabric brands.

Because this fabric is commonly called the ‘African cloth’, one would think that it originated from Africa. Thing is, it did not – the Europeans were some of those that started manufacturing the fabric that we all now known as ‘Ankara’. In fact, the ones regarded as the high quality Ankara are made in Europe – with Vlisco’s Hollandaise being one of so-called best Ankara wax.

Ankara clothing is loved by Nigerian women as Aso-ebi fabric, sewn into different styles and worn at weddings or parties. It is common to see Ankara combined with lace, chiffon, or other materials. Even when Ankara is used to sew casual wear and other traditional wear. It has gone from occasional wear to the thing that is worn every day and everywhere; heck there are even Ankara and Batik swimsuits now. Well-tailored African outfits can be both haute couture and streetwear; that is its level of versatility. Pairing the right African print outfit with the right accessories can take it from party/streetwear to formal wear.

Looking for the latest Ankara styles to sew as Aso-ebi for an upcoming wedding? Kipfashion provides the latest Ankara styles and designs for women – trendy, in-vogue Ankara gowns and skirt and blouse styles, and Ankara trousers that you can wear to an African wedding, or to any occasion. It is the season of merriment and ladies are (almost, always) checking complete fashion magazines for pictures of women wearing the latest Ankara styles and designs. So, to make sure that you have more than enough styles to your wear, we curated the best of this season’s unique Ankara styles for you.

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