Picking the right outfit for your valentine’s date

Picking the right outfit for your valentine's date

Valentine’s day is almost upon us, and I can practically taste red and white in the air. If this year is anything like last year when the plague of “I said yes” descended on us, single people are in trouble. I personally know some couples that plan to make single people say ‘God when” many times before February 14th is over.

If you will going out on Valentine’s day, I don’t like you one bit because I will be at home on a date with a tub of ice cream. However, since I am a nice person (or so I like to tell myself so I can sleep better), I have rounded together five pieces that will for your day. Some of my picks are fashionable, while some are cute or casual; they all fit into whatever box your day will be like.

Ada African Print Maxi Kimono

Valentine’s day is on Sunday, and if you’re like me, you have to go to church and or brunch before your date night. This kimono is perfect for your long and eventful day. It’s long, chic, made with a very comfortable fabric. You can wear a bodycon dress underneath it so that you feel as sexy as a Cat woman on your date. However, if you are diabolical like me, you can throw a little lingerie underneath and pull a movie scene reveal at the end of your date.

African Print Face Mask

There’s still a pandemic out there, so I’m doing the Lord’s work by recommending this. The African print facemask is chic, cute and can be paired with many cute outfits. These can even be added to Valentine’s day package you want to give your special person.

Alex African Print Mixed Dress

This dress is a chic and stunning dress that you would not want to take off after your night out. It is midi, sexy, and would mold your body in all the right places. It comes in different colors, and you get to pick your fabric pattern when ordering it.

Annalisa African Mini Dress

The Annalisa mini dress is scintillating and chic. This dress is beautifully crafted with pleats, a plunging neckline, a deep v in the back, and sexy thin ropes in the back that are guaranteed to make you blush when they are loosened.

Evita African Party

I’m wrapping off this shortlist with this show-stopping number. Much like its Broadway namesake, this dress will leave everyone that sees you drooling. It is bodycon with stylish drapings of Ankara on the skirt, and it has a sweetheart neckline that will make anybody’s bosom the paramount of the night. You can’t go wrong with this number because it screams classy and sexy from a mile away.

Now that I have listed these five pieces, I believe my job here is done. Have fun and stay safe, lovebirds. I’ll be the girl on the couch, devouring a big bowl of ice cream.

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