Picking the right outfit for your valentine’s date

Picking the right outfit for your valentine's date

Valentine’s Day is almost approaching, and I can almost taste red and white in the air. If this year is anything like last, when the “I said yes” virus came on us, single folks are in big trouble. I personally know several couples who intend to make many single folks exclaim “God when” before February 14th is done.

If you’re going out on Valentine’s Day, I don’t like you since I’ll be at home with a container of ice cream. However, because I am a good person (or so I tell myself to sleep better), I have compiled a list of five items that will brighten your day. Some of my options are trendy, while others are adorable or informal; they all fit into whichever category your day falls into.

Ada African Print Maxi Kimono

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, and if you’re anything like me, you have to attend church and/or breakfast before your date night. This kimono is ideal for your long and busy day. It’s long, stylish, and constructed of a soft fabric. Wear a bodycon dress underneath it to feel as sultry as a Cat lady on your date. However, if you are as cunning as I am, you may wear lingerie beneath and pull a movie scene reveal at the conclusion of your date.

African Print Face Mask

Because there is still a pandemic going on, I’m doing the Lord’s job by promoting this. The African design facemask is stylish and may be used with a variety of charming clothes. These may also be put to a Valentine’s Day box for your special someone.

Alex African Print Mixed Dress

This is a stylish and gorgeous gown that you will not want to take off after a night out. It’s midi-length, sensual, and will shape your figure in all the right areas. It comes in a variety of colours, and you may choose your cloth design when you purchase it.

Annalisa African Mini Dress

The Annalisa short dress is dazzling and sophisticated. This dress has pleats, a plunging neckline, a deep v in the back, and sensual thin ropes in the back that will make you blush when you loosen them.

Evita African Party

This show-stopping song brings this shortlist to a close. This dress, like its Broadway counterpart, will have everyone salivating. It is a bodycon with elegant Ankara drapings on the skirt and a sweetheart neckline that will make anyone’s bosom the focal point of the night. You can’t go wrong with this number since it exudes sophistication and sexiness from every angle.

Now that I’ve identified these five items, I feel I’ve completed my task. Have a good time and keep safe, lovebirds. I’ll be the chick on the couch, chowing down on a large dish of ice cream.

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