African Fashion Entrepreneur Starter Bundle

The African Fashion Entrepreneur Starter Bundle is tailored to empower aspiring entrepreneurs like you to launch and grow your African fashion business effectively. Whether you’re just starting out, looking to expand, or aiming to scale your business, this bundle offers customized support to reflect your unique journey in the fashion industry. You’ll receive comprehensive guidance to swiftly set up and develop your business.

Kipfashion is committed to supporting wholesale clients with an extensive selection of African apparel and accessories. By starting your business with us, you gain access to a wholesale account, enabling you to purchase at prices significantly lower than retail rates. If you’re looking to buy items for personal use, consider starting a retail account where there is no minimum order requirement, though retail prices will apply.

Opting for our business startup package waives the typical $950 minimum on your first wholesale order. The package includes free shipping on a selection of garments: 5 women’s dresses, 5 women’s skirts, and 5 women’s jumpsuits, plus a complimentary shopping tote bag. You have the flexibility to mix and match these items as per your preference.

With your wholesale account, enjoy the benefit of no account fees, no annual membership costs, and no hidden charges. You are free to order as frequently and as much as you wish. However, purchases below $950 will be processed at retail prices. Start your African fashion venture today and tap into the vibrant world of African textiles and designs with Kipfashion.