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Be the game changer with African Adire batik


I was one of those girls that hated wearing anything made from African fabric. Don’t judge me or come for me but that was what I saw in our then mainstream media. Back then, in Nollywood, the ‘happening babes’ always wore ‘ready-made’ outfits. The dresses, skirts, and blouses made from African fabric were left to the maids and the drivers.

This fed into my subconscious of hating outfits made from African fabrics. But now my story has changed (can I get a hallelujah). I hardly go out without a little touch of African fabric, even if it’s just a tiny swatch. My latest favorite is a rectangle batik scarf that I attach to a part of my body. It usually hangs on my bag, my neck (depending on the temperature), my waist, or even my wrist.

Stepping out in African batik is the ultimate game-changer. First of all, batik can be made from almost any fabric so the versatility of what you can do with it is purely amazing.

Close your eyes picture yourself wearing your favorite outfit; now imagine that dress has African batik patterns on it, sweet heavens. The swirling layers of patterns that come with batik fabrics are beautiful. There is something about the variety and intricateness that comes with the beauty of African batik fabric.

In order to make batik, specially designed areas of fabric are blocked out by applying hot wax over them. This is done so as to prevent the design from being covered by the dye. This process is done over and over again to achieve the intricate level of patterns that are typically seen on the African batik fabrics you buy in stores.

Stepping into events with well-tailored African batik outfits and pieces is definitely a way to get heads to turn. It can give that classy and chic look that can be easily transformed from a day to night outfit with just a couple of tweaks.

In my opinion, an outfit made from batik is perfect to share and celebrate with friends. It is the perfect fabric to make a pair of shorts to go to an art gallery in, or a dress to wear to a birthday party, also a jacket for a meeting at the office. Batik and other African fabrics have become highly sort after in fashion as outfits made from them are now some of the best-worn fabrics around the world. Case in point, the Beyonce visual album, Black Is King features many types of outfits made from African fabrics. This goes to show the wide variation of what African fabrics can be used for.

P.s Don’t be alarmed if, at the first wash, some of the dye on the outfit washes off; that is just some of the excess dye used during production washing off. So, therefore, do not wash your African batik outfits with other clothing items of light colors so as to avoid the mess that is bound to happen.

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