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Time to shine with African print tote bag

Time to shine with African print tote bag

A tote bag is a large strong bag and it was made popular due to its versatility and range. They are no longer flimsy reusable shopping bags as they are now versatile, fashionable, and durable. Time to shine with African print tote bag.

Tote bags now are used as book bags, work bags, shopping bags, diaper bags, beach bags, gym bags, and gift/souvenir bags as they are spacious and durable enough to carry around heavy books, laptops, school supplies, work equipment, personal items, groceries and many more. Tote bags can be made from Ankara and batik fabrics as they are sturdy materials that are durable and fashionable. Like the head of menswear at Marks & Spencer said, “The tote bag is the ultimate easy accessory, versatile both in style and practicality, and can be worn with everything from casual to formal looks.”

While the tote bag is not as versatile as a backpack, or as utilitarian as a crossbody bag, the best tote bags are nevertheless very stylish and go with almost any outfit. When you pick the right tote, it can complement any attire meant for any occasion. There are so many to pick from that will fit your budget and style. An Ankara tote is perfect when dressed down with jeans when carried while wearing a jumper and trainers at the weekend, or as an everyday bag for the working week, paired with tailored trousers and high heels.

Tote bags are preferred for several reasons and here are some of them;


Plastic bags take up to 100 years to decompose hence the encouragement to use tote bags as they are reusable. Plastic bags are used and discarded in high volumes, whereas cotton and canvas bags last much longer and replace the need for plastic bags. Ankara tote bags are made from cotton plants that are hypo-allergenic and easy to produce and since they come from a plant, they are recyclable.


Tote bags are made from light fabrics that strong enough to hold heavy objects placed in the bags like groceries, laptops, food/ water flasks, and many daily necessities. Totes that are made from Ankara fabrics are particularly strong and lightweight because they are made with durable fabrics. Ankara tote bags can last for decades without tearing or wearing with proper use.

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Ankara tote bags are washable and need no special care. They can be washed in washing machines or hand washed and the fabric would not be damaged. This is especially important if your customers plan to use their bags for grocery shopping.  Food leaks and stains are easily washed out, eliminating the transfer of bacteria when the bag is reused on a subsequent shopping trip.


Tote bags are ideal to be printed on because they are usually highly receptive to ink transfer. They accept color easily and the ink sets well without bleeding. When the inks from the printing machine are set, it doesn’t fade, flake, or rub off easily even when the bag is washed in washing machines.


Compared to other types of bags, tote bags are affordable. They are usually economical to produce making them highly affordable to produce and distribute.

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