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Wholesale and custom made shopping for African clothing

Wholesale and custom made shopping for African clothing and accessories

African fabrics stand out in a pile of materials due to their geometric motifs. Among their prints are Batik, Hollandaise, Kente, and Excellence prints. Almost every African area has its own characteristic fabric, such as the tie and dye of Kano, Nigeria, the Kente pattern of Ghana, the bright motifs used in Tswana weddings, and many others. These fabrics are widely used in the manufacture of various sorts of clothing all over the world. Clothing made of African fabrics vary from double-breasted jackets to string bikinis.

All of these materials and costumes may be discovered and ordered in quantity on Kipfashion. Purchasing at wholesale and retail are not the same thing since purchasing at wholesale is less expensive. A retailer’s profit is represented by the difference between wholesale and retail prices, which is known as a margin. Wholesalers are great places to get things in bulk, and buying in bulk from Kipfashion may help you raise your profit margin.

Shopping wholesale is typically advantageous for buyers who want to resell the items after adding a markup or raising the price somewhat. Kipfashion provides both wholesale and retail services. Kipfashion currently offers a wide range of clothing produced from African textiles and has everything you need. Here are a few of our best-sellers, which may be discovered on the website by clicking on the links given.


Lucy trousers in Ankara pattern are wide-leg, comfy, and stylish. They have a high waist and a belt to create a pleasing silhouette. When ordering Lucy pants, you have six options of fabric swatches to choose from. These high-waisted pants come in varying sizes from Xsmall to 4XL. It is important to note that the Lucy pants are made with fine-quality fabric for maximum comfort. Click the link to purchase your pair of Lucy pants.


The Jemima gown is a midi flare gown with blue thread accents on the shoulders. It has a princess cut, no sleeves, and a V-neckline in the front and back. When you purchase the Jemima Midi dress, you may choose from 10 different materials. It’s constructed of high-quality cotton with no elasticity, which gives the flared bottom of the dress a swoosh. Click the link to purchase your pair of Jemima dresses.


This African print dress is a masterpiece with its high and low cut. This outfit comes with pleats, a flay, a collar, and pants. It’s the perfect outfit for a dinner party, a wedding, and many more. It is also made with 100% no-stretch cotton and comes in a variable size of small to 4xl. Click the link to purchase your Camillia Dress.


The Julia jacket top is the perfect compliment that will take your outfit from plain to fabulous. It has a bold neckline and a belt that can be tied into a bow. It is handmade in Nigeria with Adire batik. Click the link to purchase your pair of Julia jacket top.

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