The best of African couture

The best of African couture

African clothing is as diverse as the African continent itself, ranging from the spiraled dyed fabrics, tie & dye batik to the multiple vibrant creativity showcased through Ankara.

African clothing can be a symbol of status, creativity, and allegiance to tribal roots which definitely with the importance of clothing brands should be a must considered when looking out for a difference and uniqueness.

Africans disclose messages, elegance, stories, and even their differentiation through the choice of clothing. With the modern world enlightenment African fabrics have been beautifully applicable to not only clothes are worn on the body but to handbags, sneakers, patches on jackets, even as far as cufflinks, and it’s no news that in every part of the world the African clothing is being recognized in a way or the other.

The best of African couture

The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes which have proven to be the sole establishment for Kipfashion- helping their customers all over the world both in retail and wholesale to have opportunities to get the best of the African couture through there specialty in high fashion designing and dressmaking showcasing Africa’s brightest design talents to the world inspired by African prints

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