Tops to picking elegant African outfits for Men


I think I speak for all women when I say that a man in a well-tailored African attire is a yummy man. There is something irresistible about the elegance that comes with outfits that are termed, native. The above only applies to outfits that are well sewn and worn with all the innate swag Nigerian men seem to possess.

In order to unlock the elegance and swag that comes with African fabrics, there are many decisions involved. These decisions help you avoid a situation of what I ordered versus what I got. Below are some tips that will help you through the process of looking yummy in ‘native’ attires.

1. Shopping online or offline

Thanks to technology, you can now order an entire outfit while you are in bed at 3 am. This is a more convenient shopping method for people with busy schedules that won’t let them visit stores. Shopping offline, on the other hand, is my favorite method of shopping. I like touching the fabric and inhaling that new cloth smell, but that’s just me. With online shopping, be sure to send a picture of yourself to the online vendor so they can recommend the perfect outfit for you.

2. Set your budget

Cut your cloth according to your size is not a myth. Do not take an outfit worn by Ebuka or a Channel replica to your tailor for custom-made with a budget of Sam Loko. That’s wrong.

3. Confusing Terminologies

When you try to buy clothes, you might hear some words or phrases that might confuse you. These three words or phrases might confuse you; bespoke, off the rack, custom made. Bespoke means the outfit will be made for you from scratch with your exact measurements and style. This is the most common type in Nigeria. Off the rack is fancy speak for ready-made clothes. This means that the cloth has been made already, and you might need just a little bit of altering. Custom-made is a mix of bespoke and off the rack because you will be shown a design of outfits that the tailor or designer has made before, then an outfit just like it will be made for you. Knowing these three will save you time in the store as you will know which option to stick to.

4. Jackets and chest size

The fit of the jacket and chest size of an outfit determines how it will look on a person. They cannot be too big or too small; it has to sit just right. Do not leave the store if the chest and shoulders do not fit perfectly.

5. Function over fashion

You have to pick an outfit that will serve you for years because African attires are not worn on a daily basis. This means that if you wear it just twice a year, the style and fabric you choose must serve on both occasions.

6. Shoes and cufflinks to match

Nothing screams elegance like an outfit worn with the right accessories. The right cufflinks and shoes announce you before you even introduce yourself, so it’s best to pick something sleek and simple.

N.B You may not know me personally, but I am begging you on behalf of all girls on the planet; never wear your ‘natives’ with crocs.

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