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Dressing as a professional with African clothing

Dressing as a professional with African clothing

People’s appearance plays a big role in how people see them. Showing up to work or an event in wrinkled clothes and unkempt hair can have an adverse effect on a person’s career. This fact applies to both men and women. Clothes may not make a man or a woman but they do help signal who he/she is and where she is going.

Impression formation happens quickly and has a long-lasting effect on attitudes, expectations, and behavior. Clothing isn’t the most important thing on your mind but your attire can build or diminish your personal brand. Cultivating a dress style to work helps you create a unique style that becomes what people know you for. Here are some tips that can help you cultivate your unique style;


Looking current to whatever job you have in whatever work sector means that your wardrobe should match what’s in vogue. It’s always advisable to mix contemporary styles with clothes you already have so that you do not over expend your budget. So, look through what you already have in your closet and pair them in a way that looks trendy.


Dress as is appropriate for your job. If your job allows you to wear sheer clothing, go for it. However, if you work in an extremely formal environment, it is paramount to wear outfits that fit properly and are not to form-fitting. It’s usually advisable to not wear heavy perfume, makeup, and sheer clothing.


Meeting clients from another culture does not mean you dress like the people you’re meeting. Case in point; if you’re meeting an African for negotiations, it would be inadvisable to wear African print outfits if you’re not African. It comes off as rude and patronizing. It’s always best to dress appropriately for the region you’re going to; for example, wearing white in china symbolizes mourning.


Nobody wants to trust a person that looks rough and unkempt. Case in point; a person would not trust their investments to a person that looks scattered. Dressing professionally when meeting clients who are dressed casually can inspire assurance in your abilities.


Shoes are one of the things that can easily set you apart in a crowd of people. Psychologists say that people that read cues based on appearance focus on shoes. According to a research paper, your shoes tell a person where you’ve been and where you’re going. Make sure your shoes are not worn and that they are workplace-appropriate.


The office is not a place for clothing with distracting embellishment or excessive amounts of jewelry that jangle when you walk because they can be termed distracting or inappropriate. Studies show bold solid colors make you more memorable while dark gloomy ill-matched outfits make you easily forgettable.

Always remember that before you say a word, your clothes would have said a million for you so take care to stay on the message.

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