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The girls in African print jumpsuit

The girl in African print jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment that has its top and bottoms sewn together. They were originally created in 1919 as a functional garment for parachuters to, yes, jump from planes in. They were made fashionable by women that had to wear them for manual labor but didn’t want to look drab. In the 1930s, Elsa Schiaparelli began to make elegant jumpsuits for women but jumpsuits did not become mainstream until they appeared in Vogue magazine in September 1964. Musicians Cher and Elvis further popularized jumpsuits as they wore them for their most memorable concerts.

Women love to wear jumpsuits because they are easy to wear, versatile, and chic so they are now a wardrobe staple. Jumpsuits are loved by women because they look more put together than a T-shirt and shorts, and they are more practical than a dress yet they hold the same visual impression.

Personally, jumpsuits are one of my favorite things to wear due to their androgynous style. They are easy to switch up from casual to dressy with a change of accessories and shoes. I live in a hot region so easy breezy jumpsuits are literally my best friends as they are so comfortable. I wear at least one jumpsuit every week. The thing they don’t tell you about jumpsuits is that they are tricky because a lot goes into choosing the right jumpsuit for the right occasion. You have to figure out the right length, fit and print. Fun fact; jumpsuits for all their cuteness, leave you naked when you need to use the bathroom.

However, do not be discouraged, they are still really cute and are a quick pick-me-up to your t-shirt-and-jeans routine, and a fabulous way to get on a trend that’s hot both on and off the red carpet. Here are a few tips that will guide you when wearing a jumpsuit.

Ankara Print Jumpsuit Match

Comoros Custom-Made Ankara Print Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits made from African fabrics are a different level of chic as their prints and bright colors make them stand out everywhere. The cotton fabrics make them the perfect summer wear as they can be tailored into any type of jumpsuit; full length, bell bottoms, fitted, playsuits and so many others.

  1. Belts are always a good idea as they cinch your waist and give you more fit.
  2. Fitted jumpsuits should not be more than ankle-length because they give a more streamlined and chic look.
  3. When wearing full-length jumpsuits, select a straight to wide-legged style
  1. Make sure the jumpsuit fits the length of your torso so it does not look frumpy or show your camel toe.
  2. Jackets are your best friends with a jumpsuit because they give a chic and tailored look.
  3. Drink less water and fluids so you do not end up naked in a public bathroom.
  4. For casual events and occasions, choose a relaxed-fit jumpsuit with a gathered waist.

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