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Slaying on vacation in African Ankara prints dress

Slaying on vacation in African Ankara prints dress-Kipfashion

Outside is finally opening back up!!! I know that is a tautology but I am that excited; the pandemic is now an endemic and vaccines are being rolled out even in Nigeria and I couldn’t be happier. No more having to wear stuffy facemasks as we go about our days, no more half-full parties and vacations are finally on the table. Look at God, won’t he do it, hallelujah. Now that we can finally make local and international vacations without fears of getting or spreading the coronavirus. This is the premium time to wear all the outfits we have been accumulating since the lockdown started. I used to shop online for fun during the lockdown so now is the perfect time to slay to every event.

Outfits meant for vacations are different from day-to-day outfits because they have a fun flair to them. Be it a beach vacation or traveling for a specific getaway, the out-of-office mindset is reflected in the bold colors and prints that you mix, the proportions that you play with, and the accessories that you layer. Assembling chic outfits, just like everything else while on vacation, just seems easier.

It’s not like your style changes drastically, but we do have more fun and feel more freedom to assemble unique, off-the-wall outfits. One of the best parts about vacations is that you don’t have to spend thousands to look fabulous; pieces of clothing that you own and wear daily can be repurposed for vacations.  If you’re like me, packing a suitcase is a hard task because I try to fit every clothing article I own into the suitcase. In order for you not to be like me, here are a few must-haves for a summer vacation suitcase;


Kimonos are an essential part of a vacation wardrobe because it is the perfect cover-up for any short or small outfit you might be wearing. Kimonos are perfect for bikinis to the beach, little dresses to go sightseeing, and many more. Kimonos help to strike the right balance between comfortable and chic which is the perfect vibe for vacations. An Ankara kimono over a swimsuit or little black dress is very chic.


Maxi dresses are breezy and they are perfectly chic and comfortable. They are trendy and can be paired with a pair of sandals and a sun hat coupled with sunglasses.


Ankara shorts are super versatile and they go perfectly with a t-shirt, bikini top, tank top, and many more. They can be paired with a straw bag and strappy sandals.


Smoked tube tops are totally underrated and adorable. They can be worn for events, to the beach, to go sightseeing and to do many activities.


Tie and dye pants scream relaxed and especially when they are paired with a tank top, bikini top tube top, or something that looks like it. Tie and dye pants worn with mules, a white top, and sunglasses give off an effortless vibe.

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