Turning up for detty December in African print

Turning up for detty December in African print

It’s that time of the year when companies close for the year, and everyone gets to attend events with their friends and family. Finding the right attire for every event can be a chore but fret not; I am here to help you break down different situations and what you can wear to them


When going to a casual party, you can wear whatever you want to wear. It’s usually best to dress for comfort. This is typically a time to let your individuality shine bright like the diamonds Rihanna talked about. A casual party is perfect for jeans patched with Ankara, shorts made with Adire, a crop top made from batik paired with a jean, and many more.

Turning up for detty December in African print


Smart casual is different from causal because you look more polished and elegant but not overdressed. To achieve the smart casual look, you must find the perfect balance between laid back and dress up. In order to be smart casual, you just have to add a pair of heels or dress shoes to your very casual attire, and voila, you’re good to go. Picture a batik crop top, a pair of jeans, and a pair of 4” inch pumps or an Adire shift dress with a belt and sneakers to match.


A black-tie party does not directly mean your tie has to be black; it means that your outfit must be formal. A formal event typically calls for a jacket, which in this case can be an Ankara jacket paired with black pants, a tie, and a pocket square to match. For women, a formal party implies that a floor-length dress is required. You can wear a flowing dress made with lace with a cute clutch made from Ankara to match paired with strappy heels and nice jewelry to complete the look.


A cocktail party dress code requires a cute but elegant dress that does not go past the knee. Cocktail dresses that go past the knee usually have slits to compliment them. So picture a ‘not above the knee’ Ankara or batik dress that is fitting and sophisticated.


Business casual outfits are basically downplayed office outfits. It means that your outfit should be appropriate but not formal. Therefore, while you can’t wear a cocktail dress above the knee, you can wear your Ankara patched jeans and a shirt, no tie. The goal is to keep it understated and tie-free.


When the invite says festive, like a wedding, a birthday party, or anything else, then your outfit can be larger than life. This is a situation where you get to channel mother-of-the-bride vibes. Go big; wear a lace or Ankara dress draped in sequin and as much fringe as possible. The key to looking good in an outfit is to feel good in said outfit. In order to feel good, you need to get into the spirit of Christmas and let it embrace you. So, in all you do during this Christmas holiday, wear your mask, and stay safe.

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