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The chickness of African Ankara pants


Ankara pants are a trend point that hasn’t gone out of vogue since they came into fashion. I know Fanny Wright is credited to be the first woman to wear pants publicly in the early 1800s but women have been wearing pants since time immemorial. Ancient artwork depicts warrior women wearing pants to the battleground. Joan of Arc famously wore pants to the battleground and this was part of the reason she was dubbed a witch and burned at the stake. According to history, between 400 to 700 women wore pants and posed as men to serve as soldiers in the American Civil war.

Pants used to be associated with just strength but now they are worn so frequently and in many forms that they have evolved. Pants have gone past the times when they were just straight to the floor. Nowadays, pants come in many styles and forms that are a fashion statement. Ankara pants are one of the easiest ways for any woman to raise her style quotient. Listed below are some types of pants that suit an everyday woman and can be worn to various occasions and events.


These flared pants that end a few inches below the knee can be easily worn as both formal and casual wear depending on what it is paired with. They are popular among office-going women because of the versatility of how they can be worn. Not owning this type of pants almost constitutes a crime amongst pants-loving women.


Palazzo pants are wide-legged pants that are made of light fabrics and are typically long. These pants are perfect for the African weather as it is breezy and allows for free movement. Modern women love palazzos because they can be worn with almost any type of top.


Tapered pants usually have a fitted band at the waist, loose hips and body and then narrow bottoms. These pants are so perfectly casual, they are the perfect addition to any woman’s wardrobe, and they are typically paired with T-shirts or tank tops and sneakers.


These straight pants are shaped just like their names, like cigarettes. Ankara cigarette pants go with every occasion and top. It can be worn with tube or tank tops, shirts or t-shirts, peplums or cowl necks and so many more. They can go from edgy to formal by the accessories they are paired with. You can dress up cigarette pants by adding a blazer and stilettos for the formal office look while you can dress it down with a pair of sandals and cross-body bags.


Ankara shorts are just a blessing to the fashion world. These shorts are exactly what their names describe, short pants. They can be casual yet formal depending on what they are paired with. They can be worn with a simple t-shirt or with bralettes for the beach. Ankara shorts are fun and casual when paired with certain accessories but can be formal when paired with stilettos and a shirt.

Thank goodness that pants are no longer taboo for women because the fashion world would be missing the fashion statements that pants make.

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