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Elements of African fashion in expressing your personality

Elements of African fashion in expressing your personality

The importance of clothes transcends cultures, time, and geographies.No matter whether we are talking about the present or Victorian times; what we wear on our bodies has meaning, our clothing indicates who we are as individuals as well as a society. The unifying function of fashion and clothing is used to communicate the membership of a cultural group. Fashion, dress, and clothing have communicative functions, clothing or dress can be used to reinforce someone’s mood.

Each person is unique and must value his or her uniqueness with enough self-confidence, The clothes reflect the personality through their shapes, colors, the way the person mix the items, the choices the person makes and the likes…well considering the first thing anyone you meet notices is what you are wearing, clothing is entirely a reflection of who you are. Amanda Adams Ndiaye once stated, “Fashion is like life and just like life, you must always express yourself freely”.This illustrates exactly what African fashion and style are all about. It brings about the positive aspects of a person’s identity through ancestorial pieces. African fashion is identifiable from a mile away even, its uniqueness is attributed to the varying cultures and subcultures that it coins its patterns and styles from.

Truth be told, no discussion about the African continent is complete without mention of the cultural element of fashion. Fashion is a statement of who we are, whether we are young or old, white or black male or female, we speak the non-verbal world of fashion through the style of our dress. Style is a little excursion into self-expression through clothes. It is self-knowledge and self-confidence expressed through what you choose to wear, a life-affirming expression of your character and spirit. And for that reason, it always suggests that you are in control of your personal environment. When you are able to express yourself, you are able to feel more complete. self-expression helps you free your mind and enjoy life.

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