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2022 Spring-Summer African fashion dresses

2022 Spring-Summer African fashion dresses-Kipfashion

With the temperature rising and summer coming, it’s officially time to prepare for spring and summer outfits. The global pandemic caused a year-long lockdown so now that everywhere is starting to open back up thanks to the vaccine, everyone has to prepare for the spring-summer season fully.

Spring summer 2021 fashion trends have been a delight to watch and the change in outfit schedule is definitely a welcome change. Finally, people can switch from changing from pajamas into loungewear and then back into PJs every day, and are ready we are ready for the warmer months and the fun they bring with them. So, I have spent time watching the runways of Milan, New York, London, Lagos and I am giving you a cheat sheet on the biggest trends of the season. Here are the main summer spring fashion trends to know this year:

Crop tops

Nothing shouts summer-like crop tops and almost every fashion show around the world has had them on full display. They can be layered in a bandeau style under a blazer jacket for formal events or alone with shirts to the beach. Cropped tops can be paired with many types of clothes.

Puffy sleeves

Big sleeves are back for another season and with the extra flair, they bring a larger-than-life detail that is more than welcome. Puffy sleeves go with literally anything; they look good on cropped tops, breezy blouses, dresses, jumpsuits, anything, and everything. With the puffy sleeves are set up, they look good when paired properly.


I can already imagine the funky tan lines that are going to come out of these seasons thanks to the arrival of quirky cut-outs. Your sundresses get a little bit of edge with a flash of skin around the waist or an unexpected detail at the hips or thighs.


Although the sheer trend isn’t for everyone, it has a very cool range. Sheer maxi dresses can be layered over your beach outfit or you can wear it as an additional layer over your mini dresses.


Glittery outfits give sparkles to your wardrobe and you’ll be happy to know that the glitter has been all the rage. Metallic dresses that shine to the moon and back are the one sparkly spot your wardrobe needs.

Pastels and Monochrome

Pastels and monochromes are all the rage this season. Soft hues and monochromes bring sweetness and boldness to your look without being overpowering.

Wide-leg trousers

High-waisted cropped culottes, office trousers, and utilitarian cargo pants are all back this season. These pants can be paired with crop tops, bralettes, lace tops, retro sweatshirts, Ankara blouses, and many more.

Black Face Masks

Since not everyone has gotten the vaccines, you have to protect yourself. No color of face mask is as sleek as the color black face mask. They almost any outfit you wear, and they offer great coverage for your nose and mouth. It’s usually best to opt for a silky fabric so that breathing would be easier and if you are feeling fancy, bedazzled masks do the job.

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