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Thank you for choosing Kipfashion for your African clothing collection. We are confident you will be pleased with the workmanship and quality of my dresses. We are excited and more than happy to assist you in any way we can. In order to process your order and begin production, we need you to understand, agree, and sign off on the following:

Once you have decided on the dress style, colour, size, fabrics and any other necessary dress information, the order can be processed. When all the orders have entered their dress orders, the complete order is confirmed and submitted for production. Since all dresses are made to order, a 70% non-refundable deposit is required before we can begin production. Please note when ordering online your order is not complete until Kipfashion designs confirms your order via e-mail. Contact us ([email protected]) once you are ready to confirm your order.

Please note that due to variations in dye-lots, fabric colours may vary and may not be the exact colour you chose from the colour card or sample you provide.

We will work with each individual to decide the best size for them, comparing their measurements with my sizing chart. If measurements are taken elsewhere, the client is responsible for those measurements and their accuracy. I recommend choosing the larger size if you fall in between sizes; as dresses can only be taken in, not let out. If a client chooses to order a size that is not recommended by Kipfashion Designs, the client must sign off on that size. We are not responsible for a dress that does not fit after a client has signed off on the size. If a new dress is needed due to incorrect sizing, the client will be charged full price for the reorder.


We do our best to ensure that all orders are placed with appropriate sizing. For Pregnant and Post-Pregnancy clients, we offer 2 options:

  1. Estimate a size and style at the time the group orders so a complete party order is submitted.
  2. Submit an individual order at a later time. Individual orders placed after the group have no guarantee of being cut from the same fabric and include applicable rush fees. Once an order has been submitted it is deemed as a final sale. No changes can be made to an order once it has been sent into production. For help finding appropriate sizing please speak with us directly.

Bridesmaid dresses are ordered by standard sizes or measurements. If you are unable to get measured at Kipfashion marketplace, we can provide you a list of measurements that need to be taken in order to determine the appropriate size. If you would like to request that the dress be made floor length, please indicate so at the time of order. An additional fee will be added to the dress total depending on the fabrication of the dress.

Kipfashion do not offer alteration services after the garment left the premises. All dresses can be adjusted after you receive them so please arrange for a final fitting when collecting your dress to ensure the perfect fit!!!

The estimated lead-time of your order is between 10–15 weeks, beginning when full payment has been received for the entire bridal party and the order has been confirmed. We recommend you order the dress at least 5–6 month before the wedding date to allow time for transportation and any alterations that may be needed before you receive the dress. Please refer to the Seasonal Lead-Time Schedule below:

Orders Placed Date Estimate Lead Time:

April–November: 12 weeks
December–February: 16 weeks
March: 14 weeks

We recommend you factor in the dress arriving at least 1 month before the wedding to allow for any alterations that may be needed.

We can provide rush orders with lead times under 12 weeks, but this depends entirely on my production schedule. All rush orders must first be approved, prior to ordering.

Please check with us for rush availability
We recommend the customer pays for Next Day Courier to recipient’s address to assure faster delivery, otherwise the order will be couriered standard ground (7–10 business days), if dresses cannot be collected from Kipfashion.


We do not accept P.O. Box addresses. All orders are Couriered via a reputable Courier Company (signature required), with an additional charge for air freight.

  1. All payments must be made in full before collection or delivery. A 70% deposit is required before we begin production on an order. The deposit is required up front to start the design process, the remaining 30% balance is due prior to the finished product being collected or delivered. Signed contract for custom pieces are due along with first payment. All sales are final. There are NO returns, exchanges, refunds, or transferred credits on any item sold at Kipfashion.
  2. Orders may be cancelled up to 24 hours after the order is originally placed and in so doing incur a cancellation fee of $25. Rushed orders cannot be cancelled at any time. The deposit will be forfeited if not cancelled within 24 hours after placing order for any cancelled dress order.
  3. A $25 cancellation fee will be charged for any cancelled order or accessories.
  4. Changes to orders may be made up to 24 hours after the original order is placed, at Kipfashion and the manufacturer’s discretion. No changes may be made to orders after 24 hours

Additional cancellation fees may be incurred per manufacturer guidelines, payable by purchaser each dress is custom made with your measurements

All garments are made to order. There are no exchanges or returns on merchandise purchased. All sales are final. Any concerns or issues must be expressed within 10days of receiving the dress. No returns are accepted, upon submitting your payment/deposit you enter into a contract. Do your homework, try on dresses similar in shape to what you order, we cannot accept returns simply because you’ve changed your mind or it looks bad on your body type after advice was given through our years of experience in the industry. If there is something physically wrong with your dress please contact us to resolve the issue.

Priority Courier: Delivery Confirmation and Insurance NOT Included unless you specify and pay extra costs. Losses or damages from courier are also not our responsibility, pay for additional insurance or tracking if you desire.


You must agree to the following before ordering:

By submitting payment I agree to all shop policies.
* I understand that each dress is custom made by the measurements I provide * The dresses are handmade and slight variations are expected.
* If I do not provide a signed copy of the contract, my payment is my formal agreement to the contract.
* If the contract is breached / cancelled, I acknowledge and understand that I cannot receive a refund for my deposit as this money goes toward fabrics, supplies, materials and pattern making and I have no claim to them.
* I understand that no design or sketch services will be provided to me until my payment or initial deposit has been placed.
* For custom orders, I agree to have my full balance paid in full before my dress is collected or couriered including courier fee.
* I understand that the average dress takes 2 weeks to produce after finalizing design and fabric options (unless a rush fee has been paid)
* I understand that there may be shade variations in colour choices due to computer monitor differences and availability in fabric required
* I understand that my wedding gown or other designs submitted is a custom creation and cannot be returned under any circumstances.
* I understand that all measurements must be provided within 1 week of order placement.
* I understand that my deposit secures my spot on the creation schedule and the date of completion is determined by Kipfashion and will be provided in writing
* I understand that sketch services will only be provided for custom design dresses ,but I am not entitled to sketches if I have requested minor changes to an already existing design.
* I understand and agree that I may need alterations to my dress in order to get the exact look/fit that I am wanting to achieve and that all alterations are MY responsibility after the dress has been taken from Kipfashion premises.
* I understand that final photos are a privilege and not a requirement.
* I understand that I may need a petticoat added to my dress in order to achieve fullness if my dress is a very full dress at an additional cost.
* I understand that I cannot change my measurements, design, or fabric once my pattern has been started.
* I understand that I cannot change my design or fabric once deposit has been paid and design has been confirmed after 24 hours.
* I understand that if I cannot or will not pay my remaining balance within 1 week of completion that I forfeit my dress and deposit as the deposit has gone toward the cost of my materials.
* I understand that I must provide the following before my dress will be started: Correct Courier Address, required delivery date, Contact Number, and Measurements – all this info will be part of the contract packet.
* Any information requested in order to successfully complete my dress not provided in a timely manner reflects the timeline of my dress completion and is MY fault if not provided.
* I have a right to request references and contact information for references.

I understand and agree with all terms stated in this Contract/Policy Form