At Kipfashion, we love to make women’s and children’s lives better. This common thread drives our purpose and fuels our passion, from the products we design to how we give back. It’s at the heart of every organization we partner with, too — each one uniquely supports women and children, creating positive ripple effects nationwide and around the world.

We constantly search for ways to utilize our easy-to-use products as a charity platform – so basically as a means for people to help each other. We’ve also partnered with charity organizations so that people can offer services and training for socially-excluded youth or low-income families. If you have an idea of which charity campaign we could do next, please email info(at)kipfashion.com!


INTERNATIONAL YOUTHS DEVELOPMENT NETWORK, Presents, The Youths Arise Initiative. The initiative comprises of the following components;

1, IYDN Youths will arise to Community Development projects: such as building boreholes, solar street lights and security systems,  community phone charging hobs, provision of sanitary pads for girls, architectural drawing boards for rural technical students, sitting desks, and books for primary schools and income-generating scheme for these Communities.

2, Arise to attitudinal Change: This will focus on peacebuilding workshops and training through the use of media channels such as Youtube and radio for the dissemination of impactful information on drug abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, corruption, use of public infrastructure, violence, pride, Love towards humanity and more.

3, Arise to a healthy society: Soliciting for health/environment-related projects such as community-driven cleaning exercise, ambulances for the communities, funding existing /creating community health centers in remote villages, training of youths on health emergency response, and many more.

4, Arise to Innovative thinking: Promoting education through technology by purchasing and equipping mobile technology trucks with fully installed computers and other technology learning tools as well as internet connection. This truck will visit schools in the rural areas that have no IT lab and have not seen or used computers before. An instructor will be on board to conduct an introductory course for students and give them the opportunity to see and use a computer system for the first time. With time IYDN can get more mobile IT lab trucks to maintain the rural schools with weekly IT classes. With these kids can learn computer different IT skills such as coding, app development, website design, office publishing, graphics, and AutoCAD to bridge the gap in the digital divide.

5, Arise to food sufficiency: Supporting smallholder youth farmers with fertilizer, good quality of seeds, access to information and markets as well as adequate entrepreneurship training. IYDN can also establish a processing plant and encourage exports.

6, Arise to leadership: Participation in leadership by providing mentors in leadership positions and leadership training courses.


Meet The Mentor is a hub for a young entrepreneur to showcase their innovations and network with known professionals in their individual field across our communities in Africa to educate them to gain a better understanding of the regional job market, passion for the job, establish valuable networking contacts and learn more about sector-specific language and professional practice in Africa and the World.

The Afripreneurship Summit is the most inclusive gathering of young African and an opportunity for them to connect with some of the best in African Businesses and Professionals. Mentees will meet with professionals, established afriprenures, business leaders, established entrepreneurs, and policymakers to forge partnerships, share insights, and fashion Africa-made solutions to accelerate the transformation of their communities within and outside Africa.


Donate A Book Drive ( a project of the #MBMFIF ) is to strengthen rural schools in Badagry, within the Badagry Corridor and the West Africa Community at large. Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life long learning opportunities for all. The MBMFIF is Advocating for Quality education, in other to foster Sustainable Development Goals. #dabBDG : in a bid to promote #SDG4 #QualityEducation for the #future and our #communities.

We are working with, Parents, library boards, school management committees, and community leaders for the improvement of quality education.

Once we asked students in our school what is the most requirements you need to develop your education they answered they need general knowledge books, computers, desk & tables, they want a library in their schools and communities. Each of the schools /communities shall be reinforced with one reading corner for students in rural areas where access to quality books is still a challenge.

Àhná workshop

Àhná workshop” with Teanna Woods Okojie
The CEO of Create Your Voice (CYV New York)  worked with the NON-PROFIT MyBadagry MyFuture International Foundation for the 1st Visual Art based workshop “ÀhnáWorkshop”, inviting children from the community to participate in expressing their CREATIVE VOICES and visualizing their FUTURE GOALS.

Àhná workshop” with Semande  Olaiya
The CEO of Semande Clothing Line (Uk)  worked with the NON-PROFIT MyBadagry MyFuture International Foundation for the 2nd “ÀhnáWorkshop”,  She trained some young individuals for 3 days and who are aiming to become expert in the fashion industry and benefit from the global fashion market, during the course of the workshop she gave them assignment to come up with a world-class dress which they did and their works were presented to her and other mentors at the MBMFIF MTMAFRICA 4.0 by them.


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