Join our cause to support African fashion craftsmen and their communities

If you are one of our wholesale, distributor, drop shipping or retail customer you can help the most by being successful in selling African fashion products. Not only does this help us to support these communities, it also keeps people working making their traditional crafts in Africa. The more you sell, the more people in Africa can thrive in their own businesses, and the more funds can circulate through these communities. If you are going through a slow or difficult time in your business, remember some of the other people who are supported by what you do. A small sale here can go a long way in some of these African communities.

Here’s how far it goes. Every purchase from Kipfashion marketplace supports the following projects in west African communities.

  • Donate a book project
  • Digital Library project
  • Young African digital entrepreneurs project
  • Media development training workshop for Africa project

Even if Kipfashion does not make a profit, your purchase can be a tremendous help to different people and communities in Africa. You can be part of any of this projects by either supporting financially or becoming a volunteer in working with us and sharing with your love ones and communities.