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Fast African Fashion Partners is your international partner for the design, development and production of clothing. We offer:

  • High quality and competitively priced clothing
  • Customise design for your boutique, trade show and fashions shows
  • Delivered on time, every time
  • High service standards
  • One-stop supply chain solution for private fashion labels

We are located in Finland, and have a fully equipped facility in Benin, Nigeria and Ghana. Get to know our brands.

Contact us to discover how we can help you and your fashion brand. Looking for clothing to brighten your day? Kipfashion is everyday fashion for contemporary women who want to bring glamour to their wardrobe. Every modern woman wants to be comfortable and look stylish – and you can with Kipfashion. Perfect fits, stunning colours and fashionable silhouettes easily take the Kipfashion woman from day to night – and at a competitive price that instantly puts a smile on your face.

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Our professional team of designers and stylists use their comprehensive product development skills to turn our customers’ ideas into reality. Our pattern makers work on pattern drafting, cutting and stitching in our sample room to produce the samples you need quickly and efficiently.

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Our exclusive supplier partnerships ensure you can select from a range of quality-conscious and cost-effective manufacturers for the best possible results.

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All production takes place in our facility in West Africa and is managed by our skilled production team for customer peace of mind. Our quality control specialists inspect all items throughout the production process and again before shipment for a perfectly finished product – guaranteed.

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