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Kipfashion is a 100% African owned and operated online marketplace. We offer everything from gifts, African women clothing and traditional African Men clothing to African print Handbags, Shoes, Accessories and much more!

We pride ourselves on sourcing quality, innovative and unique products to sell to our thousands of online customers.  We pass on real savings to our customers through our comprehensive and wide-ranging list of reliable and quality suppliers who offer great deals on popular products.

Kipfashion currently has over 2,000 products for sale at any one time with an ever changing and evolving product range.  There is always something new to discover at Kipfashion! Due to our unprecedented growth and rapid expansion, we need to source unique products to satisfy the shopping demands of our large customer base.  We are looking for suppliers who have innovative, high quality products to sell to our thousands of online customers who visit our website over 5,000 times daily, browsing our extensive product range 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

If you think you have some great products to supply to Kipfashion, complete the form below and email us your expression of interest.  One of our friendly Wholesale team will then contact you with further details. Become part of one of African inspired clothing & accessories fastest growing online stores!

How to sell your product on Kipfashion marketplace?

  1. Create an account
  2. Send us your products sample images
  3. Provide us with product categories, descriptions, products prices and sizes
  4. Choose between wholesale or retail for your storefront or both
  5. Join our social mediafor newer inspired products and update
  6. Need more help? Talk to us at [email protected]


Kipfashion is an online marketplace for contemporary, trendy and modern African inspired fashion and accessories. Our online marketplace will showcase African inspired fashion from all over the world. We seek to use our platform to help customers become more familiar and loyal to your brand, while celebrating the vibrancy of Africa. Help us in our mission to transform the perception of Africa thorough the spirit of fashion.

Conditions for selling your items on the Kipfashion platform include:

  • Kipfashion is a marketplace has full control over which pieces it chooses to stock. This means items you upload have the right to be rejected and is under our discretion. You are always free to email [email protected] if you do not understand why you item has been rejected.
  • Upon purchase of an item, designers have up to 3 days to send to the customer if the item is manufactured and 10 days is the item is handmade. If you feel you cannot meet these deadlines, please contact the Kipfashion team immediately.
  • Vendor must provide the following: products images, product description, product title, product prices.
  • Vendors are not paid for items until after it has shipped and the customer has a tracking number.
  • Vendor will need to provide a brief write-up about (him/herself) which will include who she is, inspirations about design, where the product are made, motivation and any other information she decides to share about herself
  • Prices on Kipfashion should be consistent with prices on other platforms. We will be constantly checking this.
  • Payments are made via PayPal and designers are responsible for transaction fee
  • Customers who purchase via PayPal are allowed 14 days to return items.
  • Prices on Kipfashion should be consistent with prices on other platforms. We will be constantly checking this
  • Vendor must provide business logo
  • Prices on Kipfashion should be consistent with prices on other platforms. We will be constantly checking this.
  • Kipfashion will have the rights to use your images for advertising and promotional purposed
  • All Vendors must provide free shipping to US customers

Associated Fee’s for selling on the Kipfashion marketplace include:

  • Kipfashion takes 15% revenue on all sales
  • Kipfashion charges NO mandatory membership fee
  • Vendors are charged if they wish to advertise via Kipfashion social media or any other communication channel

Shipping costs will be added to the vendor price, plus the representative’s commission fee to comprise the total selling price that will be quoted on the store


The Kipfashion online store is a home to dozens of vendors and their fashion products and boutiques. Each distinct space will inspire you with over-the-top design and African fashion details.

The Kipfashion online store at African Fashion Market offer styles you won’t find in any mall. Whether you are searching for original styles or the latest trends in African dresses, handbags, African fabrics, African jewellery, African sneakers and shoes Kipfashion online store has exactly what you seek. Whether you prefer Afrocentric pieces or more African contemporary styles, there is something for everyone at our online store.

Scroll through to see our many vendors, browse through our photos and learn more about how each vendor uniquely pairs the latest collections and accessible design for his or her customers.

To become a Vendor, Designer/Boutique, you need to email (listed below), state what services you will be vending.

Please attach photos of your products.
Write a brief description about your products and yourself
Provide us with your logo in png or pdf format
Write product title and description for each of your products
Give us details about the sizes or the products
Give us idea about shipping cost
You will be required to sign a Vendor Contract

Kipfashion is an online market place that receives more applications for spaces than we can accept. Vendors will be selected on a variety of factors, including:

  • Local flavour (emphasis on local regional vendors, but all are welcome to apply)
  • Originality + creativity
  • Quality of offerings
  • Overall diversity amongst all vendors accepted

Applicants must complete an application form that we will provide and include a web-site with at least 3 of your products (instead of your own website, you may submit a Facebook page, an etsy site, an online portfolio or other reasonable substitution.)

If you don’t have a web-site, you must submit 3-5 JPEG images of your wares via email to [email protected] by the deadline. JPEGs cannot exceed 1MB in size and DPI cannot be lower than 300.

DO NOT submit PowerPoint presentations, automated slide presentations or images on DVD.

Great opportunity to get your products and services known
Direct contact with future clients and their families. If you have any questions, or you want to request an application, please feel free to contact us via our email: [email protected], or call +358 4080 91764